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Xen 2.0

Operating System Runs as Dom0(host os) Runs as DomU(guest os)
Linux 2.4 Yes Yes
Linux 2.6 Yes Yes
NetBSD 2.0 No Yes
NetBSD 3.0 Yes Yes
Plan 9 No Yes
FreeBSD 5 No Yes

Xen 3.0

Operating System Runs as Dom0 (host os) Runs as DomU(guest os)
Linux 2.6 Yes Yes
NetBSD 3.1 No Yes
NetBSD 4.0_BETA2 and -CURRENT Yes Yes
FreeBSD 5.3 No currently broken? Actively being worked on
FreeBSD 7-CURRENT no not out-of-box, but can be patched: See
Plan 9 No currently broken?
ReactOS No No (stalled)
Solaris 10 Unknown Yes
Un-Modified OS No Support for unmodified guests when using Intel VTX hardware, e.g. Windows

Xen 4.0

See DomU_Support_for_Xen and Dom0_Kernels_for_Xen