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This document shows instructions on how to migrate Wiki pages from the old Xen Wiki to the new Xen Wiki.

Basic Workflow

The following steps describe the basic flow of

  • Pick a page that you want to migrate from this spreadsheet. Note that filters may have been set on the sheet: you may need to modify these to find the docs you want to migrate. Also note that anyone with the link to the spreadsheet can edit if, if they are logged into Google Docs. Be careful with the sheet.
  • Find page source at Old Raw Pages and copy the content into the page
  • Create a new page: make sure you use exactly the same name as the old page, otherwise links to the page will break. Note that it is OK to replace _ with a blank character in names as Mediawiki interprets thejm in the same way.
  • Copy content from old-wiki-converted by finding the right text file and copying the content into the page you just created.
  • Add page categories at the bottom of the page: columns D-H of this spreadsheet contains hints on what categories have been suggested. The following table contains descriptions of the categories.
  • Preview and Save: preview the page and check for issues. See Common Migration Issues and What to do when there are issues
  • Mark the page as migrated by adding Yes to column B (Migrated) of this spreadsheet

Renaming Pages

It is OK to rename new wiki pages to make the Wiki more usable. If you do, make sure that you create the page with the original name. After the page has been created and saved, rename it. That way a redirect is created and links to pages with the old page name will not be broken.

If there are Issues

If you find issues with a page do one of the following:

  • Fix the page
  • Mark the page with one of the following templates at the top of the page
{{Needs_Formatting|Whatever needs done}}
{{Needs_Additions|Whatever needs to be added}}

More information on markers can be found at Managing Pages via Templates.

Common Migration Issues

Mangled Characters

Something like “block tap” should really read "block tap".


Indentation in conjunction with * <pre>...</pre> are frequently wrong.

Missing Images

Images are not copied. They need to be saved and then added to MediaWiki.

Missing Attachments

Other attachments are not copied. They need to be saved and then added to MediaWiki. But note that some types of attachments such as executables that could be added to the old wiki, cannot be added to MediaWiki.