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Xen ARM Project

Xen-ARM is called originally Secure Xen on ARM which consists of Xen on ARM VMM and the associated access control.


Please email with comments, questions, and patches. For patches, please prefix the email subject with "[patch]". Use to subscribe and to access the archives.

Current Status

Secure Xen on ARM supports the ARMv7 architecture family, specific platform we test/run on is:

  • nVidia Tegra250 Development Board

Note : This release does not support all architectures prior to ARM v7. Previous versions of Xen-ARM can be found on the Xen-ARM archives section.

  • Note that Xen ARM is currently rebased onto xen-unstable such that it can be upstreamed. The work is currently performed on Jaemin Ryu's personal branch

Xen-ARM source

Click xen-arm-opensource-20110714.tar.bz2 to download the latest officially released Xen-ARM package.


Bug Tracking

We are using the main Xen bugzilla bugtracking system: all ARM bugs. Please create an account so that bugs may be assigned to you. ;-)

Xen-ARM Archives

Android Goldfish (QEMU 0.82 based Android emulator):

  • Patching the QEMU: qemu-xen_arm-081120.tar.bz2
  • Some source codes of emulator are modified in order to make the emulator load two mini-os images into RAM before executing Secure Xen on ARM.
  • More details on how to run Secure Xen on ARM on modified Goldfish emulator are found in the section A.2 of user guide.

Para-virtualized uC/OS-II RTOS:



  • Sang-bum SUH