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Xen Users Mailing List Commonly Asked Questions


This document is a community effort to gather the most commonly asked questions from the xen-users emailing list and other support tools to assist new and experienced Xen hypervisor users with problems that frequently arise. If you would like to add content to this document, please send an email to for editing rights if you don't have wiki editing rights already. For those users interested in trying Xen without installing the application, a Live CD version is available at

Support Tools

The following sites are available for Xen hypervisor support:

How To Guide Links

The community Wiki has a HowTo Page with various information sources at Updates to this Wiki page are continuous so check back often for new How Tos. Sample topics internally within the Wiki are:

Sample topics with external links are:

Guest Related Questions

Guest Conversion

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Installation Questions

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Networking Questions

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Security Questions

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Design/Misc Questions