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This page links to documents, public discussions, meetings, etc. related to Safety Certification of Xen Project based products or code-lines.

Icon Info.png At this stage this category is primarily a place where to track various activities and also to see who is interested in certification efforts of Xen and who could perform which role.

Relevant Presentations and Papers

Xen Specific

Industry Wide

  • The AGL software defined connected car architecture, April 2018: whitepaper
  • TSC Sponsored BoF: Can Linux and Automotive Functional Safety Mix ? Take 2: Towards an open source, industry acceptable high assurance OS, Robin Randhawa, 2017: slides

Functional Safety Requirements

Safety Certification

Icon todo.png To Do:

I left this out for now, but Safety Certification Challenges provides some initial pointers to groups of information.

Code Size impacting the cost of Safety Certification

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Add coarse analyses from misc e-mail threads.

Products using Xen and OpenEmbedded that need/have a degree of Safety Certification

Products with a degree of Safety Certification

Automotive Products

Embedded/Other Products

Contributor Spotlights