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* [[FuSa SIG/Charter|Charter]]
* [[FuSa SIG/Charter|Charter]]
* [[FuSa SIG/Meetings|Meetings]]
* [[FuSa SIG/Meetings|Meetings]]
* [[FiSa SIG/Presentations|Presentations]]
}}|{{Trail|Work Streams|
}}|{{Trail|Status and Roadmap|
* [[FuSa SIG/Work Stream/Safety Management System|Safety Management System]]
* [[FuSa SIG/Work Stream/Documentation|Documentation]]
* [[FuSa SIG/Status|Status]]
* [[FuSa SIG/Work Stream/Verification Tests|Verification Tests]]
* [[FuSa SIG/Roadmap|Roadmap]]
* [[FuSa SIG/Work Stream/Community Interactions and Processes|Community Interactions and Processes]]
* [[FuSa SIG/Work Stream/Process Automation Tools|Process Automation Tools]]
}}|{{Trail|Selected Meeting Minutes|
* [[FuSa SIG/Minutes/Kick-off|Kick-off]]
* [[FuSa SIG/Minutes/2019-05-14|2019-05-14]]
}}|{{Trail|Resources (invite only for now)|
* [https://lists.xenproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fusa-sig fusa-sig@ mailing list ]
* [https://lists.xenproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fusa-sig fusa-sig@ mailing list ]
* [https://trello.com/fusaxensig Trello Planning]

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This category contains pages related to the Xen FuSa Special Interest Group. This page has changed significantly in 2019, when we archived most of the PV Driver related activity, which has been mostly completed. The new focus are mixed-criticality systems with the capability of being able to safety certify Xen.

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