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* Boris Ostrovsky, Oracle
* Boris Ostrovsky, Oracle
* Joao Martins, NEC
* Joao Martins, NEC
* Wei Liu, Citrix

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Icon Info.png Please add yourself to the list if you want to attend and add a topic you want to cover. Please make sure you get wiki edit rights (see below).
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When and Where ?

October 23, 13:00-16:00

Edinburgh International Conference Centre
Room to be confirmed
The Exchange
150 Morrison St
Edinburgh, EH3 8EE

Topics to Discuss at the Developer Meeting



Confirmed Attendees

Icon Info.png Please Add yourself to the list. Note that we have space for 30 people only.
  • Lars Kurth, Citrix - can only do part of the meeting as my LinuxCon talk is at 14:30 - 15:30 on that day. Looking for somebody to chair/host the meeting. I am also willing to give up my space if need be.
  • Ian Campbell, Citrix
  • Deep Debroy, Cisco
  • George Dunlap, Citrix
  • Roger Pau Monné, Citrix
  • Matt Wilson, Amazon Web Services
  • Dario Faggioli, Citrix
  • Julien Grall, Citrix
  • Ben Guthro, Citrix
  • Tim Deegan
  • Jan Beulich, SUSE
  • David Vrabel, Citrix
  • Anthony PERARD, Citrix
  • Boris Ostrovsky, Oracle
  • Joao Martins, NEC
  • Wei Liu, Citrix