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= Xen Developers Information =
This wiki page is for developers interested in writing software, testing builds, or documenting the various Xen products (projects).
== Xen Hypervisor Project ==
=== How Xen Development takes place ===
The primary place to go to ask development questions, [[SubmittingXenPatches|submit patches]], and find out about the forthcoming roadmap, is the [http://lists.xen.org/mailman/listinfo/xen-devel xen-devel mailing list].
There is also some more specific information:
* [[SubmittingXenPatches]] - process to submit a patch to the latest Xen unstable branch
* [[XenRepositories]] - list of Xen related sourcecode repositories and changelogs of the trees, including kernels.
* [[AskingXenDevelQuestions]] - how best to ask a question on xen-devel
* [[XenDevelopmentProjects]] - list of Xen related projects for (new) developers to work on!
* http://lists.xensource.com/xen-changelog - The Xen changelog lists receive copies of commits made to the Xen hypervisor source tree
=== Technical information ===
* [[XenSerialConsole]] - We recommend configuring Xen and your dom0 to log to a serial port and capturing the output eg with a serial concentrator
* [[XenTerminology]]
* [[XenDebugging]]
* [[XenParavirtOpsHelp]] - how to report bugs in the Linux kernel when used with Xen
=== Latest Release and Features ===
* [[XenLinuxPVonHVMdrivers]] - using optimized PV-on-HVM drivers with Xen HVM guests running (unmodified) Linux kernels
* [[blktap]] - toolkit provides a user-level disk I/O interface (pre Xen 4.0 information)
* [[blktap2]] - toolkit provides a user-level disk I/O interface (post Xen 4.0 information)
* [[VTdHowTo]] - give a domU exclusive access to a PCI function using the IOMMU provided by VT-d
* [[xenpm]] - power management design/features of Xen
* [[Remus]] - Fault Tolerance for Xen, Transparent High Availability for VMs.
== Xen ARM Project ==
* [[XenARM]] - Overview of Xen ARM Project
== Xen Client Initiative ==
* XCI: [[XCI]] - Overview of Xen Client Initiative
== Xen Introspection Project ==
* [[Xen Introspection]] - Overview of Xen Introspection Project
== Xen Cloud Platform ==
* XCP: [[XCP Overview]] - Overview of Xen Cloud Platform Project
== Xen HXEN Project ==
* [[Xen HXEN]] - Overview of HXEN (Hosted Xen)

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