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This document is somewhat out-of-date. It would benefit from updated links, Trails to get started for different projects (maybe in subpages) and a common section.

Xen Developers Information

This wiki page is for developers interested in writing software, testing builds, or documenting the various Xen products (projects).

Xen Hypervisor Project

Latest Release and Features

  • Xen4.1 - the latest Xen release
  • 2.6.18-to-2.6.31-and-higher - Build PVOps kernel
  • XenKernelFeatures - various features supported by different Xen enabled Linux kernels
  • XenParavirtOps - the upstream linux kernel with Xen
    • XenParavirtOpsHelp - what is required for users submitting bug requests for XenPVOps kernel
  • XenVGAPassthrough - VGA graphics adapter passthrough to Xen HVM (fully virtualized) guests
  • XenUSBPassthrough -passthru of USB devices from dom0 to guests
  • XenPCIpassthrough - PCI passthru to assign a PCI device to a guest
  • XenLinuxPVonHVMdrivers - using optimized PV-on-HVM drivers with Xen HVM guests running (unmodified) Linux kernels
  • XenPVSCSI - PVSCSI allows high performance passthrough of SCSI devices (or LUNs) from dom0 to a Xen PV or HVM guest
  • blktap - toolkit provides a user-level disk I/O interface (pre Xen 4.0 information)
  • blktap2 - toolkit provides a user-level disk I/O interface (post Xen 4.0 information)
  • VTdHowTo - give a domU exclusive access to a PCI function using the IOMMU provided by VT-d
  • xenpm - power management design/features of Xen
  • Remus - Fault Tolerance for Xen, Transparent High Availability for VMs.

Xen ARM Project

  • XenARM - Overview of Xen ARM Project

Xen Client Initiative

  • XCI: XCI - Overview of Xen Client Initiative

Xen Introspection Project

Xen Cloud Platform

Xen HXEN Project

  • Xen HXEN - Overview of HXEN (Hosted Xen)