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  • Please ensure you have access to all materials, e.g. able to comment on Trello boards or SIG Charter document. Reviews and comments are welcome
  • Please add whatever I have missed in the meeting notes below and let me know if you think something needs to be prioritized for the next week’s call. Any other feedback is also appreciated


Not checked due to travel


Not checked due to travel


Agreed to split the "gap elimination" stream into 2 parts covering Documentation and Testing as suggested by Stefano Stabellini due to significant amount of work in that area

Lars mentioned it is hard to find all materials since we do not yet have a “registry” and common mailing list. Agreed to reuse, if possible, existing Xen Project infrastructure created for Embedded & Automotive - wiki and mailing list. Mailing list members can be taken from the document listing SIG participants

For now materials are stored in Google Docs which may be an issue for Citrix folks due to corporate policies.

Agreed to assign stream owners according to Doodle poll

  • Safety management system - Artem or Francesco (must be discussed)
  • Eliminating documentation gaps for existing code - Stefano
  • Eliminating testing gaps for existing code - maybe Francesco? must be discussed
  • Process for interacting with mainline development community - Lars
  • Process automation tools - Kate

Agreed that backup leaders will be assigned later on

Stream leaders will check who agreed to participate in scoping effort (according to Doodle poll) and start filling Trello boards with tasks as soon as boards are shared within the SIG

  • Also contact assessors when and if needed for support in scoping efforts

From now on, Lars will be chairing the conference calls and collect agenda items prior to them, Artem will track meeting action items. Meeting will be rescheduled with Lars’ GTM invite

Action items

Update SIG charter according to agreed work streams and selected leaders (Artem)

Create Wiki page to store links to all materials (Lars)

Create mailing (Lars)

Check Google Docs access (Lars)

Create boards for streams and provide full access to Trello boards to all members (Artem)

Missing from previous call:

  1. Create project timeline draft. Since it is not clear what shall be “implementation milestones” can fill in only the “scoping” activities
  2. Review and agree on critical organizational topics related to scoping efforts and SIG operation


From now on everything will be published on Wiki

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