FuSa SIG/Status

From Xen

Scope Definition

  • Hardware
    • Only platform core code (no driver)
      • timer, mmu, irq controller
    • board/platform specific code to be done by user of Xen at this stage
    • PCI passthrough out of scope (for now)
  • System configuration
    • dom0less
    • Mixed criticality (a certifiable VM and a non-certifiable VM)

Ongoing Efforts

  • Requirements format (doxygen)
  • Misra requirement classification
    • table of requirements followed/to be followed/not applicable
    • doorstop (links requirements to code)
    • Zephyr solution (originally by Intel) based on doxygen
  • static code analysis (cppcheck, Coverity, Eclair)
    • goal: Misra code compliance
  • Real-time and interference reduction
    • real time analysis of Xen
      • interrupt forward response time
    • cache coloring
  • commit review tracing
    • get info from mailing list archive
  • static system definition
    • static memory allocation
    • static heap allocation
    • cpupools