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Scope Definition

  • Hardware
    • Only platform core code (no driver)
      • timer, mmu, irq controller
    • board/platform specific code to be done by user of Xen at this stage
    • PCI passthrough out of scope (for now)
  • System configuration
    • dom0less
    • Mixed criticality (a certifiable VM and a non-certifiable VM)

Ongoing Efforts

  • Requirements format (doxygen)
    • table of requirements followed/to be followed/not applicable
    • doorstop (links requirements to code)
    • Zephyr solution (originally by Intel) based on doxygen
 A bunch of work was done but more work is required. Request to change all the existing docs into doxygen.
 Issue is we only have 1 release cycle to switch to doxygen.
 What is the agreement / process to make progress on this? We don't want an 80 patches patch series.
 ACTION: bring the topic of the *process* up with the REST
  • Unclear coding style
 Can we use an already written coding style? E.g. Zephyr / FreeBSD / Linux / QEMU. Comes with checkpatch.pl.
 It needs to have a checker.
 It should be a well done well maintained project and coding style.
 Can we find a coding style similar to Xen coding style?
 It should work with standard editors.
 Can we agree on 2-3 parameters we can use to evaluate coding style?
 Are there FuSa friendly factors to consider?
 ACTION: bring up adoption of existing coding style
  • Misra requirement classification
 Marketing. Why the standards are there and why they can be useful. Code quality, testability, security.
 Agree on process: step by step starting from the non-controversial.
 ACTION: prepare a webminar 1-2 months (option to use LF webinar)
 ACTION: write emails status updates once a quarter
 ACTION: keynote at XenSummit
  • First status update:
 Misra rules already covered
 cppcheck that we want to add to Xen
 how much is already covered, burn down on what we want to do
 publish real-time capabilities analysis
  • Define actionable work packages for any contributors and maintainers
  • static code analysis (cppcheck, Coverity, Eclair)
    • goal: Misra code compliance
  • Real-time and interference reduction
    • real time analysis of Xen
      • interrupt forward response time
    • cache coloring
  • commit review tracing
    • get info from mailing list archive
  • static system definition
    • static memory allocation
    • static heap allocation
    • cpupools