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The aim of Xen Project Hackathons and Xen Project Developer Meetings is to give developers the opportunity to meet face to face to discuss development, coordinate, write code and collaborate with other developers as well as allowing everyone to put names with faces. People working on documentation and other aspects of Xen Project, XAPI, Mirage OS and related projects are also welcome.

  • We aim to have one Hackathon and one Developer meeting per year and aim to have these on different continents
  • Hackathons are always 2 day events, that follow a conference format. They are hosted by a vendor in the Xen Project community
  • Developer Meetings are 1/2 day events that are co-located with the Xen Project Developer Summit (before or after)

Meeting to discuss process changes to enable safety certification for Xen Project Software

This is a special meeting discussing community process changes to enable and make safety certification for Xen Project Software cheaper

Recent Hackathons and Developer Meetings

Hackathon Session Notes

April 2015 [Hackathon Minutes]

Group picture from the Hackathon

May 2014 [Hackathon Minutes]

May 2013 [Hackathon Minutes]

Ideas for Hackathon locations

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