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Wiki Sidebar and Categories

Navigation by category

Our wiki categorizes pages strictly. This means, that you can use categories to navigate through content. Note that ...

  • Our category pages are not normally just indexes, but frequently have a hand-edited header, which highlight important information.
  • All documents are in one of these three categories: this makes it possible to browse
  • These categories are exposed in the sidebar
  • Note that these categories can be rather big!


Document Type

  • Manuals contains official Xen documentation
  • ManPage contains This section contains link to Xen manual pages that are generated from the Xen codebase
  • Overviews contains overview documents
  • FAQs contains Xen, XCP, ... FAQs sorted by topic
  • HowTos contains Xen, XCP, ... How To documents
  • Tutorials contains Xen, XCP, ... tutorials
  • Example contains Xen, XCP, ... examples
  • Compatibility contains information on compatibility
  • Glossary pages and definitions
  • Index Pages are lists of pages that are not categories


Note that the following categories are rather large. They list documents about the Xen Hypervisor, XCP, Xen ARM and PVOPS (Xen in Linux).

Categories for specific uses

Release Related

Installation Related

Linux/Unix Distribution Related

Categories related to Linux/Unix distro. Typically contain tutorials, install info, etc. for a specific distro.

Cloud Related

Categories related to Xen/XCP integration with cloud stacks

Technology Related (Performance, Security, NUMA, VGA, ...)

Specialist topics on Xen:

  • Category:Kernel contains documents related to kernel technologies
  • Category:NUMA contains all articles related to the running (or to improving the support for doing so) of the Xen Hypervisor on NUMA architectures
  • Category:Performance contains documents, tuning instructions and benchmarks related to the performance of Xen, XCP, etc.
  • Category:Security contains documents related to Xen, XCP, etc. security
  • Category:VGA contains documents related to VGA, VTd, GPY passthrough, etc.
  • Category:XCI contains documents related to XCI aka the Xen Client Initiative

Development Related

These contain categories for developers:

  • Category:Development Process describes development processes, governance, etc..
  • Category:Design Document contains design documents, architecture descriptions, and so on: in short it contains documents that describe how parts of the codebase work. Documents in this category are mainly relevant for developers.
  • Category:OCaml related to the OCaml language, in which most of XCP is implemented.

Community Related