Managing Xen Patches with Git-series

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This document assumes that you are familiar with the following documents

This document lays out a very basic example on how to use git-series. Git series is an add-on to git implemented in Rust.

For installation instructions see Before you install git-series, you will need to have install if not on your system yet

  • Rust: see
  • cmake: see - note that this dependency is not documented in the git-series README file, which is why it is covered here. Also note that after an install, the command line tools are not installed automatically for all operating systems. Go to the UI and select Tools > How to Install for Command line use.

Similar documents exist for

git-series Basics

Before you consider using git-series, please check out the following youtube video:

  • Minutes 0:00 to 13:28: Explains the problem that git-series solves. Note that this is worthwhile watching regardless of whether you choose to use git-series

Generating an initial Patch Series

Sending a Patch Series to xen-devel@

Creating outbound version branches

Addressing Review Comments

git-series Tutorials