TCT Meeting/April 2014 Minutes

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  • Ian Campbell
  • Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk
  • James Bulpin
  • Aravind Gopalakrishnan
  • Paul Durrant
  • Jun Nakajima
  • Jan Beulich
  • Olaf Herring
  • Suravee Suthikulpanit
  • Simon Rowe
  • Daniel Kiper
  • Boris Ostrovsky

Call membership

Review ACTION items

  • Action Don & Jun: Don and Jun will chase up VMX maintainers inside Intel re: GPU Passthrough and cache attributes to "comment on certain aspects of EPT and why IOMMU related things are done the way they are".
    • Jan: The particular issue was acked. But better responsiveness to issue brought up on the list is desirable
    • Don: Intel have taken this on board and are working improve responsiveness.
    • Konrad: Boris' patches for perf have not been acked by VMX maintainers for 3 weeks now.
    • Don: Will chase this

Current technical challenges

  • Release Manager for 4.5
    • Jan: Where are we with finding a release manager. Do we want to have one
    • Ian: George was searching for a successor, but didn't managed to sync up with him. We should have an RM.
    • Konrad: What is required, thinking of putting his hat in the ring.
    • Ian: Keeping the backlog list and saying no to people. Speak to George?

Coordination on current and future work

  • Konrad: KVP. Microsoft has a mechanism where the host and guest can communicate banal information such as host type, IP, and set the IP of the guest.
    • Oracle have a similar tool.
    • XenServer does too.
    • Distros all have the MS userspace daemon and kernel space driver.
    • Should the host expose via libxl or vendor specific bits of toolstack?
    • Paul: Can the driver be replaced and leave the userspace alone?
    • Konrad: I think so, but the daemon uses a socket. Can do network script munging etc too.
    • Paul: A the driver messages very specific to hyperv?
    • Konrad: Yes but could replace with a more generic interface
    • Ian: virtio and qemu guest agent? Might be a better fit?
    • ACTION: Konrad to investigate qemu agent.
    • James: qemu guest agent uses virtio serial.
    • Paul: Related thing is that Windows guests could use the MS KVP even running on Xen
    • Ian: Concerned about MS control of protocol.
    • Konrad: Nice thing is that it is in many distros, from Fedora 18, RHEL7, Debian Wheezy, SuSE 13.3SP2.
    • Ian: Seems like people want the functionality somehow.
    • Konrad: But don't want to roll our own.
    • Konrad: ACTION: Investigate KVP spec WRT compatibility etc.

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