TCT Meeting/February 2014 Minutes

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Kelly Zytaruk (AMD) Jason Douglas (SuSE) Daniel Kiper (Oracle) Suravee Suthikulpanit (AMD) Jan Beulich (Novell) Boris Ostrovsky (Oracle) Daniel De Graaf (NSA) Olaf Hering (Novell) Anthony Liguori (Amazon) Jun Nakajima (Intel) Matt Wilson (Amazon) Sherry Hurwitz (AMD) Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (Oracle)

Review ACTION items

  • PCI passthrough of Intel NIC borked: Patch has been committed.
  • Kelly to mail Konrad and/or xen-devel with the current set of issues with GFX passthrough: Still corresponding and will address issues.

Current technical challenges.

None raised on the call.

Coordination on current and future work

Xen 4.4-rc4 on Friday.

Community news, activities.

  • GSoC, deadline on Friday:
Matt (Amazon) adding in project for AER handling such that the guest can gracefully handle it instead of killing the guest.