TCT Meeting/February 2014 Minutes

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  • Kelly Zytaruk (AMD)
  • Jason Douglas (SuSE)
  • Daniel Kiper (Oracle)
  • Suravee Suthikulpanit (AMD)
  • Jan Beulich (Novell)
  • Boris Ostrovsky (Oracle)
  • Daniel De Graaf (NSA)
  • Olaf Hering (Novell)
  • Anthony Liguori (Amazon)
  • Jun Nakajima (Intel)
  • Matt Wilson (Amazon)
  • Sherry Hurwitz (AMD)
  • Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (Oracle)

Review ACTION items

  • PCI passthrough of Intel NIC borked: Patch has been committed.
  • Kelly to mail Konrad and/or xen-devel with the current set of issues with GFX passthrough: Still corresponding and will address issues.

Current technical challenges.

None raised on the call.

Coordination on current and future work

Xen 4.4-rc4 on Friday.

Community news, activities.

  • GSoC, deadline on Friday:
Matt (Amazon) adding in project for AER handling such that the guest can gracefully handle it instead of killing the guest.