XL vs Xend Feature Comparison

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The following compares the featureset of the xend toolstack vs the xl toolstack as of Xen 4.2.

xm / xend xl
Guest Types
PV guests
HVM guests
Guest lifecycle operations
Create, shutdown, reboot
Pause, unpause
List, rename
Live migration and save/restore
Guest device support
Network devices (both para-virtualised and emulated)
Block devices (both para-virtualised and emulated)
Virtual framebuffer, keyboard and mouse (both para-virtualised and emulated) (includes SDL & VNC support) (includes SDL, VNC & SPICE support)
SPICE framebuffer/console support
QXL graphics device support for SPICE
PV console devices
PCI device passthrough
VGA graphics device (GPU) passthrough
SCSI LUN/Host passthrough (PVSCSI)
USB 1.1 device passthrough (using qemu xen traditional) ??
USB 1.1 device passthrough (using upstream qemu) ??
USB 2.0 device passthrough (PVUSB)
Device Model Support
Qemu Xen Traditional Device Model
Upstream Qemu Device Model
Stub domain Qemu Xen Traditional Device Model
Stub domain Upstream Qemu Device Model
CPU pools (undocumented in XEND man pages)
Cpupool-per-NUMA node.
Control of CPU scheduler parameters
XSM/Flash policy control
Control of CPUID features exposed to guests. (syntax greatly improved)
Managed Domains [ 1 ]
Python code in configuration files [ 1 ]

[ 1 ] Feature is explicitly not supported by xl, see XL Anti-Features

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