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Xen systems are typically booted with GrUB. The GrUB "kernel" is Xen itself. The kernel image for domain 0 is given to grub as the first "module". An initrd for domain 0, if required, is specified as a further module. A number of options can be passed to Xen on the command line.

/!\ For an up-to-date list see the user manual. Options available on version 3.0 are (with examples for common options):
Parameter Description
ignorebiostables ACPI and MP tables are ignored (implies noacpi, nosmp)
physdev_dom0_hide=xxx List of PCI slots to hide from domain 0, Format is '(%02x:%02x.%1x)(%02x:%02x.%1x)' and so on.
noirqbalance Disable software IRQ balancing and affinity.
apic Specify NUMA platform...
noht Disables Hyper-Threading

XenLinux Boot Options :

In addition to the standard Linux kernel boot options, we support: