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Other Xen Releases

See Xen Release Features for a comparison of the featureset of different Xen releases.

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Fill these out based on Xen_Roadmap/4.3 and Xen_4.3_Release_Notes

High Level features

  • Toolstack integrations
    • Open vSwitch toostack integration
    • xl QXL Spice support
  • Usability improvements
    • Install into /usr/local by default
  • Default to QEMU upstream
    • pci pass-thru
    • enable dirtybit tracking during migration
    • xl cd-{insert,eject}
  • Support for ARM Servers
    • ARM v7 server port (basic)
    • ARM v8 server port (basic)
  • Security:
    • vTPM updates
    • Allow XSM to override IS_PRIV checks in the hypervisor
  • Scalability:
    • 16TiB of RAM
  • Performance
    • NUMA scheduler affinity
    • Persistent grants for blk - Linux and QEMU
    • CPUID-based idle (don't rely on ACPI info f/ dom0)
  • Tools
    • Serial console supports EHCI debug ports

Detailed List

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This needs to be fleshed out

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