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Preparing the board

The bootloader provided with the OdroidXU does not let Xen boot in hypervisor mode. In the Odroid forums for the XU, one is likely to see many U-Boot blobs (bl1/bl2/tzsw/u-boot) which could possibly be used to let Xen boot in hypervisor mode. To avoid multiple sources, currently a single source is provided which can be accessed from https://github.com/suriyanr/linux-xen/tree/odroid-3.13.y/sd_fuse

The sd_fusing.sh script foudn therein can be used to fuse the SD card or eMMC card with the required BL1/BL2/TZSW and U-Boot to let XEN boot in hypervisor mode as well as set CNTFRQ through the trustzone. This is required for domUs to get the correct timer frequency. (dom0's optionally can pick it up from the device tree)