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Requested Documentation

Icon Info.png Feel free to add items. Feel free to comment on items. When you comment, please add a sub bullet and sign with ~~~~: your comment which will resolve into your wikiname and date.

Big work items

  • Feature status docs for end-users showing which features are expected to work in 4.0 and, possibly 4.1.2. Most people don't know if Feature X is even supposed to work on the Xen build their distro uses. And almost everything is broken somewhere! This is tricky since 4.0 (debian) still has rough edges like immediate panic when doing mem-set on a HV domU by mistake
    • Lars.kurth One way to approach handle this is to go through release notes and old blog posts and collate a table.
  • A Xen/XCP Overview which explains the top level architectural features and options, trade-offs and links to examples tutorials that show how you set these up
  • A Xen Tuning Guide: different options in Xen impacting performance, how to set them up, how to tune
  • A Xen Security Guide: The different options in Xen for Security, trade-offs, how to set them up, how to test Xen for security and how to optimize for different scenarios
    • Lars.kurth 09:48, 27 March 2012 (UTC): Category:Security contains some security related docs
    • Lars.kurth 11:01, 4 April 2012 (UTC): It would be good if we could document a) XSM, b) Introspection API, c) Xen and SELinux in Dom0, d) Memory Access API (introduced in 4.1)
  • User Docs that where migrating content would make sense and update such as (we can attach PDF's to the wiki now for starters, or we can use a conversion tool

In progress:

  • An Overview over Xen for people who do not yet use Xen, to help them make a decision on whether Xen is for them (aka "Why Xen" and "Which Xen") (be sure to mention "fastest" ;)
    • Lars.kurth 09:48, 27 March 2012 (UTC): am working on this and am almost ready to publish on the wiki


Admin docs

  • Setting boot order for domUs (PV and HVM)
  • Chaining pypxeboot and pygrub
  • xenpm usage recommendations
  • setting up vnc mime magic for xen in firefox (oracle has srpms for a vnc client plugin)
  • vcpu pinning
  • using xm trigger to poweroff or firing off NMIs

Developer Docs

Docs for distro packagers

  • List i.e. stuff what to test after packaging. This would avoid the current state of affairs where most distros are infact broken w/re to Xen.

Docs that need attention or are missing

  • Make XAPI docs (built from source) available on xen.org
  • PVOPS portal on xen.org - Konrad volunteered
  • some more xenstore docs (i.e. recent python bindings that were sent to the -users list
  • Using libxenstat python bindings (imo they're broken)
  • More PV protocol docs (see recent patches to blkif.h for example)
  • Document xenstore paths used by guests and toolstack etc
  • Xen command line options documentation in tree (started, but not complete)

Wiki Maintenance

Fix artcles that need attention

Review Categorization

We need to go through some of the categies on the http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Main_Page and decise whether there are documents in each category that need to be highlighted in a trail, etc.

Loose ends on migration