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I have an Xen image that was built for a graphical console (VNC). Is there any way to change it to the non-graphical console (xen console)?

For HVM guest, you need to enable serial port on domU config file (example here: http://pastebin.com/fb6fe631), and setup domU to use serial port (ttyS0 on Linux) by modifying (for Linux domU) /boot/grub/menu.lst, /etc/inittab, and /etc/securetty.

If it's PV guest, you need to set up domU to use xen console (which is xvc0 on current xen version, hvc0 on pv_ops kernel). It's similar to setting up domU for serial console, you just need to change ttyS0 to hvc0. An example of domU setup that can use both xvc0 and vnc console is here : http://pastebin.com/f6a5022bf

How do I run xl console to an HVM DomU?

By default "xl console" on an HVM guest will attach to the virtual serial port, but this requires serial = "pty" in your guest configuration file.

This requires that your guest OS is configured to use the serial console (e.g. serial console for a Linux guest)

How do I connect to or detach from a console?

You can connect to a console directly when starting a domU:

# xl create -c your-DomU-config

This command will start a domU and connect to it's console immediately.

If you want to connect to a domU console that is already running you can do so using the domain name:

# xl console your-DomU-name

Detach from a console depends on the system / keyboard layout.

  • Default: <CTRL> ']'
  • German keyboard :<CTRL> '5' (Works for Putty and gnome-terminal)
  • German keyboard (Mac): <CTRL> <ALT> '6'
  • Swedish keyboard (Mac with iTerm): <CTRL> 'å'

Where do I find more Console FAQs?

See Xen Common Problems#Console