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Help With Xen

Where do I find documentation on Xen?

There's a list of pages on this wiki which might be helpful.

What support is available for Xen?

There is both paid and volunteer support available for Xen. Commercial support is provided by Citrix Systems, Inc. (XenSource, Inc.), the proprietors of this wiki. Volunteer support is available via the Xen mailing lists and on Internet Relay Chat (IRC):

  1. channel #xen on irc.oftc.net is frequented by Xen developers
  2. channel ##xen ("about Xen") on irc.freenode.net is a slightly larger, unofficial channel which also provides support

A search tool is available to search all Xen mailing lists.

Where can I find a list of available Xen dom0 kernels?

Take a look at the [[[XenDom0Kernels]]] wiki page.

Where can I find answers to some common questions and problems about Xen?

Take a look at the [[[XenCommonProblems]]] wiki page.

Where can I find Best Practices about running Xen?

Take a look at the [[[XenBestPractices]]] wiki page.

I'm interesting in being a Xen developer, is there a list of projects to work with?

Yes! Please check out the XenDevelopmentProjects: wiki page for more information!

Where and how can i report a bug?

This information will need an upgrade, but by now, as reported by Ewan Mellor and Keir Fraser, is to:

  1. Place question in xen-users mailing list, just to be sure that this is not a faq or something like that
  2. If it is not resolved in xen-users mailing list, and it IS a bug, you have to:
    1. Place bug in bugzilla
    2. Flag the problem (with link to bugzilla, and all that you think is necessary) in xen-devel mailing list

Where and how can I submit a patch?

To submit a patch, put it in xen-devel mailing list, as reported by Keir Fraser, in plain-text unified diff format inline in the main body or as an attachment. Also, please add

Signed-off-by: Name Surname <email@domain>

to your email with patch, as reported by Ewan Mellor.

If there is a bug in bugzilla report the id of the bug, but by now do not expect anything from bugzilla (see above: "Where and how can i report a bug?").