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= Attendees ==
= Attendees =
* Lars Kurth (Citrix)
* Lars Kurth (Citrix)
* Ian Campbell (Citrix)
* Ian Campbell (Citrix)

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  • Lars Kurth (Citrix)
  • Ian Campbell (Citrix)
  • James Bulpin (Citrix)
  • Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (Oracle)
  • Boris Ostrovsky (Oracle)
  • Olaf Hering (SuSE)
  • Jan Beulich (SuSE)
  • Sherry Hurwitz (AMD)
  • Donald Dugger (Intel)
  • Mike Woster (Linux Foundation)
  • Brian Warner (Linux Foundation)
  • Daniel De Graaf (NSA)
  • Andres Lagar-Cavilla (GridCentric)

Standing Agenda

  • Call membership (new organisations to invite, +/- representatives from existing organisations, etc).
    • None
  • Review DONE ACTION items.
    • DONE: MSI-X issue.
    • REMOVED: Handling of functional degradation: Citrix asked to remove it and they will reintroduce it when more concrete findings are found.
    • DONE: Event channel scalability. Xen 4.4 will have the FIFO system and the expanded event channel system is not going to be developed further for Xen 4.3.
  • NEW ACTION items.
    • Intel (Donald) to look at VPMU undocumented quirks: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.emulators.xen.devel/154718
    • Citrix (Ian) to remind George about posting the Xen 4.3 status and a Changelog
    • Citrix (Lars) to post on April 15th the details of Xen Project and also the changes to the Xen Governance Document on xen-devel.
    • Oracle: Poke George about moving the code freeze date and/or clarify what is meant by "new code".
  • Current technical challenges.
    • NONE
  • Coordination on current and future work, e.g. planned development activities for next release(s), roadmap
    • Xen Project. The Linux Foundation (Mike) will provide a neutral umbralla for trademark, marketing, events, travel, etc. The development process is NOT going to change and the meritocracy is going to remain untouched.
    • Lars pointed out that the Xen Governance Document needs to be updated. Mainly to add the Xen Project AB and also clarify the Last Resort Chairman. There are further changes that need to be done and those changes will be posted on Xen devel mailing list. Changes that Lars mentioned were in regards to who can be a Mentor, Project Leads, etc.
    • PVH for Xen 4.3. Konrad mentions that it looks unlikely that the PVH code will make it in Xen 4.3 as the code-freeze is right around the corner and it is still in the early phases of reviews. Ian mentioned that it should go in the Xen 4.4 early.
  • Community news, activities.
    • April 15th is when Linux Foundation announces Xen Project.
    • April 15th is code freeze for Xen 4.3