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Needs buy in from community.
Needs buy in from community.
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Not sure who attended, so omitting list


Ian is going to start sending out a call for agenda only the week before and the agenda shortly before the call instead of the current two/one weeks before. Please reply to all if you have any issues to add so that people can prepare.

Previous ACTIONS


Boris has been unable to determine if an issue he is seeing is an eratta or just how things work.

Intel are working on improving PMU virtualisation. Don suggests Boris use the existing email thread to try and get a response before he tries escalating within Intel.


The hackathon is now fully subscribed. Special arrangements will need to be made for any additional attendees.

4.3 Feature Matrix

  • Nested Virt (currently "experimental")
    • Jun: Need to clarify expectations of what works and what does not
    • General feeling seems to be that this could become "tech preview"
    • ACTION: Intel and AMD to start/contribute to a thread enumerating what is known to work and what is known to be broken. Don and Sherry will ping the appropriate people.
  • TMEM (currently "experimental")
    • No change
  • OVMF (currently "experimental")
    • No change
  • Credit2 (currently "experimental")
    • No change

Feature Roadmap/Lifecycle

No clear definition for what is "experimental" and what is "tech preview" makes it hard to know how to categorise things to set expectations correctly.

ACTION: it seems like there should be one...

Linux Maintainers

Konrad is doing the majority of this, more people are needed.

James will work with the XenServer team to see if resource can be found.

ACTION: Konrad to send out a list of current issues, CCing James

Security Vulnerability Process

Needs formatting for ease of spotting changes, which Lars is doing on the new site shortly. Will put up for comment and move to a vote soon.

Needs buy in from community.