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Icon Info.png This section contains link to Xen manual pages that are generated from the Xen codebase. They reflect the state of xen-unstable.hg. We do not yet have versions for specific Xen releases, but will have them in future

Man Pages

Man page Description
xl(1) Xen management tool, based on LibXenlight
xm(1) Xen management user interface (to be deprecated, also see Xen 4.1 Upgrade Notes)
xend-config.sxp(5) Xen daemon configuration file
xl.cfg(5) XL Domain Configuration File Syntax
xmdomain.cfg(5) XM domain config file format

Supporting Documents for XL & XM

Document Description
xl.cfg(5), disk configuration This document specifies the xl config file format disk configuration option.
xl.cfg(5), network configuration This document specifies the xl config file format vif configuration option.
xl.cfg(5), tsc_mode configuration In Xen 4 a new config option called tsc_mode may be specified for each domain. This document is targeted for Xen users and administrators that may need to select a non-default tsc_mode.
xm.cfg(5), sEDF scheduler The sEDF scheduler provides weighted CPU sharing in an intuitive way and uses realtime-algorithms to ensure time guarantees.

Other documents

Document Description
Environment Variables for different Linux distros With directory layout differences between Red Hat, Debian, Suse and other distros one needs to set the variables for CONFIG_LEAF_DIR, SUBSYS_DIR and INITD_DIR.

Advanced topics

Document(s) Description Also See
How to do PCI Passthrough with VT-d Xen PCI Passthrough Overview, VT-d HowTo
Virtual TPM support This document gives a short introduction to the virtual TPM support in XEN and goes as far as connecting a user domain to a virtual TPM instance and doing a short test to verify success. It is assumed that the user is fairly familiar with compiling and installing XEN and Linux on a machine. Virtual Trusted Platform Module (research note)