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XCP (as any Xen-based solution) allow you to run xen as virtual machine under xen. That allows to run XCP as virtual machine under XCP.


  1. You need HVM-capable processor to do this (intel VT or AMD Pacifica)
  2. You will be not able to run any HVM domains in 'virtual' XCP (only PV guests), so no windows at all (no way to do this, completely)
  3. You will be not able to run XCP in XCP in XCP, because XCP can be ran only in HVM domains (see #2)


  1. Create vm with template 'Other install media'
  2. Set up VM memory at least 800Mb (1GB+ will be better)
  3. Create a vdi (at least 10-11Gb), attach it to vm (create VBD) as device=0 to vm
  4. Create one or more networks
  5. download XCP iso image and put it to /opt/xensource/packages/iso (or creates new ISO images SR)
  6. create CD vbd as device=1 with bootable=true flag
  7. start vm and attach to it console via VNC or via xl console and domain number, you can see domain number in 'xl list' command. This operation which will attach you to serial console of virtual machine. Answer the installation questions.
  8. After installation remove CD vbd.

possible troubles

Don't forget to change mac of network interface if you clonning installed XCP. Same MAC can make you management interface working unreliable and even not reply to ssh.