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This book was originally contributed by Mohsen Mostafa Jokar (see e-mail thread that includes a PDF) with the intention to become a book that others can contribute to and evolve over time.

Improving chapters

We originally converted all the chapters from a PDF file to wiki markup. There are some areas where the formatting could be better and where you can help! Check out Book/HelloXenProject/Instructions_for_Improvement.

Adding new chapters

Over time, you may want to add new chapters. If you do so and you want to create a chapter that fits between say chapter 1 and 2, then add chapter 1a, 1b, etc.

Book/HelloXenProject/1a-Chapter (this would be the chapter you are adding)

This will help ensure they stay in alphabetical order. You will also have to update Book/HelloXenProject/0-Contents and Subsequent_Contributions

Printing the Book

Go to Special:Book, select Start Book Creator, then Add This Category to your Book, then Show Book. Remove pages that you don't want (e.g. Book/HelloXenProject/Instructions for Improvement‎ ), provide a title and subtitle (the process fails if you do not do each). You may also want to choose one column instead of two. Then go to Download as PDF. Note that there could be formatting issues, due to tables too large, etc. (see Book/HelloXenProject/Instructions_for_Improvement). I tested the preview on and it works up to the end of the preview.