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Thanks a lot for this great Tutorial. Its nothing short of Awsome. I have followed your guide this weekend and sucessfully set up my system. Had some difficulties due to a messy netinstall of debian wheezy, which left me with a Blackscreen after booting 4.3.9. the kerneloption nomodeset got me back to a gui and a "apt-get install firmware-linux" finaly solved the issue. Then i slightley strayed from your path and used kernel 4.3.22 along with xen 4.2 rc4 final

Here's the Hardware i used: Motherboard: Asus P8c WS Processor: Xeon i3-1245v2 Ram:4x 4gig 1.3V 1600MHz ECC DDR3 GPU: iGPU + XFX Ati 6870

The not so importatnt stuff: Alpenföhn Mattherhorn Cooler BeQuiet Powersupply Cosmos 1000 case

could have probably used a newer GFX card.. but did not wanna take the risk

All this took me about 2 days of work, thanks to your guide.

Greetings Matie V


Awesome, glad to hear the guide has been helpful. I totally forgot wiki sites had a talk page. Good thing because I have lots of changes to make but have not had time to revise the actual guide.

Updates include:

Xen 4.2 Stable (Can't get 4.2.1 to compile, some git related error with qemu). Kernel 3.6 is working great.

As of the Debian Wheezy Beta 3 release their iso now supports UEFI booting and installation of the grub-efi, which eliminates that messy UEFI installation process with manual booting.

New Hardware:

ASRock Z77 Extreme9 Intel Core i7 3770 IvyBridge 32GB of Corsair XMS RAM, total overkill but room to play is never a bad thing.

I was using PFSense as a router but switched to IPFire, I run these in a DomU and had planned to add documentation to the guide but it's not quite clean enough. In any event PFSense is great but still using an older FreeBSD 8.x, and those versions do not have 802.11n drivers with n speeds. With IPFire I am able to use the onboard wireless to create a Wireless Access Point, the only short-coming so far has been range, but I am looking at power-line wireless extensions as a solution.

Honestly, I would love a change to try out a newer card, but they are far too expensive for me at the moment. When I graduate and get a job I am considering the Tesla K20, it looks pretty amazing I just hope it doesn't require all that crazy patch-work like the consumer cards do.