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Only use for mediwiki links : the CSS for external links does not (yet) work.

{{Button|[[Sandbox|Another Link]]}}

These render as:
Sandbox Another Link

Changing the Button Style

You can change the button style, by using the style argument. Note this must be the second argument: the first is always the button text (which should be a link).

{{Button|[[Sandbox|Another Link]]|style=btn-big}}
{{Button|[[Sandbox]]|style=btn-small btn-success}}

These render as:
Sandbox Another Link Sandbox

Available Styles

Button Sizes

Style Rendered Button
btn-small Sandbox
(default) Sandbox
btn-big Sandbox

Button Colors

Style Rendered Button
(default) Sandbox
btn-yellow Sandbox
btn-green Sandbox
btn-info Sandbox
btn-success Sandbox
btn-warning Sandbox
btn-danger Sandbox
btn-inverse Sandbox