Writing good FAQs

From Xen

Conventions: Naming FAQs

Aim to name FAQs, such that they can easily found in an index

  • Prefix the FAQ with the main scope, e.g. Xen Project, DomU Installation, Xen Project on ARM, etc.
  • Then add FAQ
  • It is good to group FAQs related to a topic, e.g. Linux, Installation, etc.
  • If the topic is too large qualify, e.g. Linux, Running on, Linux, Building for Xen Project, etc.

For examples, see Category:FAQ


Good FAQs typically have the following attributes:

  • The question is clearly and concisely covered at the beginning of the FAQ
  • They use simple and clear language
  • They avoid the excessive use of technical language or add a definition of a new term
  • They tend to be self containing, i.e. they limit the number of external links
  • They contain examples, scripts, etc.