XAPI Management Tools

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XAPI Management Tools

This page lists various 3rd party management tools and interfaces for XCP (Xen Cloud Platform). For Xen, please see the list of Xen Management Tools. If you want your project listed here please edit the page or send an email to xen-devel or xen-users mailinglist and we'll update the page.

Cloud frontends

Command Line

XCP does not come with the 'xm' CLI you may have used for managing traditional Xen. Instead, XCP comes with several CLI management clients built into dom0 (the thin hypervisor host), including:

  • xe (/usr/bin/xe)
  • xl (/opt/xensource/bin/xl)
  • For further documentation, see Command Line Interface - Running the Xen Cloud Platform Command Line Interface
  • For installing the 'xe' CLI on another Linux box, see XCP Install CLI

GUIs on Linux host

The project which is most active and which is being actively developed is

The following projects have been inactive recently:

GUIs on Windows host

Citrix XenCenter is the most popular choice for managing XCP hosts, however, there are a couple minor compatibility issues that can be worked around to improve usage, as described on the XenCenter and XCP compatibility page. These have been resolved for XCP 1.6 and XenCenter will work with open source XenServer

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)


  • Other technologies related to XAPI can be found here