Xen Maintainer, Committer and Developer Meeting/September 2012 Minutes

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Attendees: Boris Ostrovsky, Olaf Hering, Sherry Hurwitz, Jason Douglas, Lars Kurth, Ian Campbell, James Bulpin, Jan Beulich, Konrad R Wilk, Donald D Dugger, Jun Nakajima, Kurt Hackel

Call membership (new organisations to invite representatives from existing organisations, etc)

We voted on call membership for AWS, GridCentric and NSA based on Xen 4.2 contributions. Motion to accept reps from each of these got approved.

I am still following up on Barcelona Tech (it seems that the majority of their contributions came from Roger Pau Monne)

ACTION: Lars to invite AWS, GridCentric and NSA to call (done)

Review outstanding ACTION items

  • Simon: Discuss IRQ's and MSIs with MSIs and get Andy Cooper talking to Jun on xen-devel -- James to prod Andy (done)
  • Lars: Start cleaning up Xen 4.2 feature list such that it is in good shape when we go into Xen 4.2 RC's (done)
  • Ian to ping Keir and provoke either new RCs or actual releases (done)

ACTION: IanC to transfer actions from face-2-face meeting action to list

PVOPS Update (Konrad)

Konrad was representing Xen at the Linux Kernel summit. One of the items which was discussed were requirements on the Xen community with regards to PVOPS code. It appears that people with a strong interest in the code are : Konrad, Peter & Thomas

Concrete outcomes from the meeting were

  • We need to remove the "mapping_reserve" hack
  • We solved immediate and roadmap issues
    • Discussed the potential of PVH
    • No immediate urgency : in other words, we can get PVH production ready and then plan a longer-term architecture clean-up
    • Looking at approximately 5 years after PVH is production ready